This is how I am.

This is how I am.

Last night, about this time, I tried to die. This is how I am. At that moment, I ingested several pills and waited for something to happen. Didn’t work. I called for help, and my parents came to help me. Trying to die is something you should never do.

Because it’ll probably fail, and you’ll end up in the hospital, in pain and unable to do anything about it. When I took those pills, I started feeling sleepy, but then my gut started hurting. The pain was unbearable. My parents took me to the hospital, and then they tried to put a tube up my nose. It was the worst sensation of my life. Never want to feel that again.

In the hospital, I had to drink an activated coal solution to clear my stomach. Then, I had the worst diarrhea of my life, for a whole day. When I was at home, I slept for hours and hours. When I woke up, I couldn’t even keep my eyes open because of the sleepiness. I never want that again. Just worried my parents and friends. Made them feel anxious to see if I was alright or not. Because of that, this is the point where my life changes for the better.

At home, when the tiredness cleared up, I made a resolution, one that will change my life. I decided to get healthier, to take care of myself. Chose to eat better, exercise, save money, and work for my dreams. Before then, I was just a lazy person who wouldn’t care about myself. Now, I am better, hoping my life changes even more and more, for the better, of course. My advice to you is, don’t give up, even if everything seems bleak. Just keep going, keep your head up, and don’t do anything you’ll regret later on.

Thank you for reading my blog post, hope it cleared some of your doubts. If you want any tips, comment here and I’ll try to help you in anyway I can. See you guys around. Bye bye.

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